Dating Women Seeking – How Do Very Attractive Women End Up Single?

In the world of dating many people assume that attractive women always end up in a long-term relationship and live happily ever after. After all, they are the glamorous ones and whom we all aspire to. However, if we dig deeper, the mystery is unraveled and the reasons become quite clear.

There are those attractive women who have an aura, subconsciously signaling to all available men that they are unapproachable. To the untrained eye, they seem to walk on a higher plane and appear snobbish, like they’re always prancing around with a tiara on. However, these women exude a sense of confidence that puts up a wall around them and some men see that wall and get intimidated, thinking themselves out of their league and not date-worthy material. These women never shake the aura and continue on their merry way, wondering why they are not meeting Mr. Right. คลิปหลุด

Some of the attractive women playing the dating game remain single because they hold extremely high standards for their Prince Charming. They stay in the race and never reach the finish line because on each lap around the track, another viable match is rejected and the remaining playing pool steadily thins out. Sure some of the players may not have been at the top of their game, but Miss Cinderella needs to either lower her standards or find a new game to play if she ever expects to find her Prince or lovable frog and live happily ever after.

Other attractive women have mingled their beauty with an approachable personality; however, they can’t seem to win because the men they find have the mentality that she won’t ever date someone like me. In this instance, these women need help to find a new gene pool. They need a modern day Emma to find their Mr. Knightly; a matchmaker is definitely the way to go.

Dating women seeking Mr. Right need to recognize whether or not they fit into the category of attractive women and then decide what sub-category they are in; for example, the aura women, the high standards women or the can’t win for losing women. Once they realize where they reside in this wildly interesting world of dating, then they can figure out the game plan and begin playing to win.

However before they step onto the track to begin the race, they need to decide how they’ll run. Will they sprint out of the starting block and choose the route of online dating? Will they get off the block at a slow pace and steadily run towards the finish line and leave romance open to fate? Will they get off to a good start and keep a steady pace and then sprint towards the finish with a real chance at winning by working with a matchmaker? Each of these methods has pros and cons, but once the attractive woman chooses a path, she has made the first step to becoming a true Cinderella and riding off into the sunset with her Prince Charming.