Ingredients In Dog Food – The Shocking Truth!

It should be not surprising to know that once a pet owner learns about ingredients in dog food bought in stores, they usually wish to switch their pet’s diet to homemade meals. It’s becoming apparent that a pet’s life can be healthier and happier if they are given fresh, quality food to eat, and the reason for this is quite simple.

The labels of packaged foods display the ingredients in order of their amounts. Meat used as ingredients in k9 food can range from pigs, goats, cows, and sheep. Many brands also use animal byproducts to bulk up their food products. When these animals are killed, the lean muscle of the body is trimmed away for human food. Approximately 50 percent of the carcass is not used for human consumption. The remains, which include heads, bones, intestines, organs, fetuses, and whatever else are then used for other products, including pet food, lubricants, soap, fertilizer, and more. russian food store

Byproducts can vary in their nutritional content. It really depends on what all is located within the batch. In the past, roadkill was also added to dog food. No laws have passed making this illegal, but most manufacturers do not use roadkill as an ingredient in dog food today. However, the 4D of animals – which is dying, dead, disabled, or diseased – are still used in pet food.

Grain and vegetable ingredients in k9 food aren’t any more beneficial than the meat byproducts included. Most of these are labeled as unsafe for humans to eat. The amount of plant ingredients in dog food has increased over the years, and most recipes include more grains and plants than meat. The change has led to potential deficiencies in nutrition for pets. Many use lots of grains and starches in dry food to give its shape and texture. Plant products are high in carbs, providing a cheap alternative to supplying the dog with energy. Gluten can also be added to help increase protein without having to add expensive animal ingredients. Dog foods that contain a high amount of vegetable proteins are the typically of the lowest quality food you can buy.

Low carb food is sometimes made with potatoes or green peas rather than grains, but it is still no real benefit to the dog eating it. These foods tend to be high in fat and can cause weight gain. Along with being deficient in nutrients, many brand foods are also packed with preservatives and other additives to help increase its shelf life. Fats are used to coat the dry food so that it is still edible and appealing to pets when it is placed in their food bowl. It’s no wonder why so many dog owners are changing to homemade meals for their pets.

Article written by Paul Bridgeman in association with my 1 year old Lab – Penfold. I very much hope your have found the article informative. As a dog owner myself, I can’t begin to tell you the importance of monitoring your dogs food consumption. Feeding your dog the best possible food can not only ensure maximum health but actually extend his/hers life by years! Surely the guaranteed possibility of this is worth exploring more!! For more vital information of Dog Food Ingredients and Homemade Dog Food.