New Year: Facts and Resolutions

‘New Year’ means diverse things to various segments of the society. For a layman, it’s the commencement of another year. An office-goer feels it as one more holiday to relax. Rich people get a chance to new year status for Whatsapp 2022 spend lavishly, and display their status. The elders hope for their dreams to materialize. Manufacturers of calendars, diaries, gifts, etc., seize this occasion to spruce up their profits. Whatever the prospects a New Year holds, its basics never change.

Our Earth takes 365 days to complete one revolution around the Sun. To achieve this task, it works hard and rotates on its axis uninterrupted for 8760 hours, and proceeds on its endless journey. Just when the Earth has finished one revolution, we say one year is over. The moment it starts another trip the next year begins. It’s a Happy New Year, thanks to the Mother Planet. Going by the same logic, we can also wish a person ‘Happy New Year’ in addition to the traditional ‘Happy Birth Day’ on completing one year from his last birthday.

New year described above pertains to the Gregorian calendar accepted all over the world. However, several parts of the world and diverse cultures within a territory have their own calendars and New years. For instance, different states of India celebrate it on distinct dates. It starts in Chithirai month (April) for the people of Tamilnadu while it falls on the first day of Chaitra month (March) in Maharashtra. Jews have their New year day in September. To Muslims, the same comes in October. Chinese New year date falls between January, 21 and February, 20.

People celebrate this special occasion in a variety of ways, but exchange of greetings, online and offline, remains to be the simplest and easiest. One interesting greeting received through SMS reads as ‘December, 31,of the calendar says, ‘Turn me.’ Time says, ‘Plan me.’ Future says, ‘Win me.’ Money says, ‘Earn me.’ God says, ‘Remember Me.’

Making a resolution for the forthcoming year is a customary practice, but it aims for a personal benefit. However, the following resolutions will definitely produce contentment and happiness to all.

Never harm others in any manner.

Exchange, even the negativism, in a positive way.

Work hard to benefit self and others.

Yearn for peaceful and happy life.

Eliminate anything that spoils and affects the environment.

Always help others though in a small way, and

Review the progress and take action to improve.

Why don’t we make it a habit to celebrate every day as New Year to have an inspiration and a sense of positivism? Just think of how the whole world will be if each one of us is bubbling with cheers and happiness all through the year. The pomp and spirit of New year celebrations should not end on the first day itself. New Year is the only event celebrated on a grand scale all over the world, though it is not a festival. We can call it as a Secular festival. The United Nations can think of naming First January as Unity Day.